P2E Game XR Battle Ronin coming to EQ Games Q1 2023! DOUBLE Distributions of xRYO and XRD3 now on StaykX!
P2E Game XR Battle Ronin coming to EQ Games Q1 2023! DOUBLE Distributions of xRYO and XRD3 now on StaykX!



xRonin is a tribute project to honor my passion for all things anime and Samurai. The storyline for the xRonin is under construction. Stay tuned for that as there will be a twist.

We are a PFP, P2E, and Utility based and driven project. 

Currently xRonin has collections already minted on the XRPL. We are also excited to announce that we are going to mint on the Hedera Network in the immediate future!

We only have one question for you. Are you ready to join the ranks of the Ronin army?



xRonin Collection

xRonin Roadmap

Phase 1
Launch of discord twitter and marketing campaign.
Phase 2
June 10th collection 1 drops onto Sologenic.
Phase 3
July 2022 xRYO token launches onto SOLO DEX.
Phase 4
July 2022 Zokuhen collection drops. Announcement of XR Battle Ronin P2E game and Partnership with Equilibrium Games! Aug 2022 Collection 2 drops onto Sologenic.
Phase 5
XRD3 Token created. (NFT Collection 3 IOU token) XRD3 Distributed along side xRYO on StaykX Platform.
Phase 6
Hedera Genesis collection mint on HashGuild Marketplace February 6th.
Phase 7
Q1 2023 Collection 3 for XRPL marketplace. XR Battle Ronin Playable Beta release on EQ. (ARENA wave mode)
Phase 8
Road Map 2.0

Meet The Team



Aloha everyone! 

Serial entrepreneur but my passion is art and anime! Studied in marketing and digital media prior to enlisting in the US Armed forces.  

Last thing, When my contract is up or when I am fully out of the US Armed Forces I will fully Doxx. Thank you for understanding. We will continue to deliver what we set out and I hope that everything that we have done up to this point gives you the confidence to take part in our project. Under promise and over deliver!


drop 2

Developer - Lead Gaming Developer
Cody Moore


Hello, My name is Cody Moore A.K.A Jungle_l3east. I’m a husband, father, and crypto enthusiast! I fist got into crypto February 2021 as an investor. As time went on and I learned the technology, I fell in love with Technical Analyst and trading! I’m a believer in XRP for the long term and naturally found my way to the XRPL. I was amazed with the art and community’s! That’s when I found the xRonins and Q; I’ve always been a gamer and had the interest of building my own one day. After seeing the amazing potential of the xRonins I started to develop our xRonin video game for the future of the project! I’m learning the unreal engine 5 to bring this to life and spend most of my free time learning and working on the game!

Developer - Social Media and Collaboration manager
Kahlil James


I’m Kahlil James 25 years old and I got into crypto October of 2021 not knowing that crypto was close to a top. I quit my job at the time and was wondering how I could have my money work for me because a normal job is not sustainable in todays world. Started researching stocks which led to cryptocurrency. Bought Bitcoin, learned more about it, had that aha moment/ light bulb moment. Started researching past currencies and etc. where I was able to gain a better understanding on money and the actual worth of the US dollar. I was wondering why XRP wasn’t listed on some exchanges, started researching it, started transferring it between wallets, and became extremely bullish on the use case and utility of the crypto. I also believed that XRP was NOT a security. My first NFT experience was on Sologenic and I had no idea what I was doing! Bought some NFTs found xRonin’s discord and 100% felt welcomed and the rest is history! Before cryptocurrency I was a collegiate athlete studying exercise and sports science. However, crypto and NFTs gave me a new passion since graduating college where I hope in the future I’m in crypto and NFTs full time

Developer - Sound Engineer
Hunter Wise-Raby


What’s good Ronins!? My name is Hunter Wise-Raby, aka MedicatedMind. I’m 23 years old, turn 24 in Dec. Ever since a kid I always wrote poems and banged on drums. I’ve had many dreams, whether to write my own anime one day, create video games, or use my talent in literature to become a music artist that spreads profound knowledge with the intent of changing the world. However, the music dream went back to sleep when I attended my first semester at McNally Smith College of Music only to have it go bankrupt. After feeling lost for a while, my Uncle introduced me to crypto (BTC,ETH) in 2019 and I got to experience an amazing bull run. When the SEC sued Ripple a friend of a friend hit us up and introduced us to the ISO 20022 standard. I dove in head first, experienced how useful the tech is, and haven’t stopped learning since. Upon discovering the xRonin project I was immediately excited. I love the Japanese culture and everything about this project just made me feel like I belonged. After finding out they needed a Sound Designer for the game it gave me an amazing reason to dust off my keys and an even better opportunity to relight my dream of music! Currently I spend my days perfecting the craft and learning more about Sound Design for video games. Only thing left is to make an anime one day 😉 

Developer - Media Tutorial Manager and Discord Tech
Max Herivel


Hello everyone, my name is Max Herivel, I’m 32 years old and I am a father of 2 kids. In the last 2 and half years I’ve slowly but surely stepped into the Stock and Crypto world. Just recently in November of 2021 I’ve added NFTs into my asset collection.This is where I discovered the amazing world of Digital art as a valuable future investment and the potential it could bring. As well it seemed where the world was heading towards in investments. 

This is where I found xRonin. Which caught my eye because of the teams drive and vision. Before I knew it, I was a strong investor and dove deep into the project. 

Through my interest in the project, I came to now the other xRonin developers. They embraced me into the community and invited me to be a moderator to help with the project. 

Since I have felt a calling and desire to help build this community and support in any way I could. It has led me to push new boundaries and take on tasks at first, I didn’t think of trying to do or having no knowledge. I’ve slowly built my skills now on media and video developing as well as building my ability

at digital art creator. I’m thankful for everything xRonin has brought into my life so far. I’m excited to be here for the future. Together we are RONIN STRONG!!!!

Project Partners

Token Advisor/Ambassador - Paul


Experienced businessman with over 25 years starting and running several businesses in the UK 

4 years experience in XRPL space. Worked 

with many XRPL projects as promoter and ambassador 


Digital Content and Media Manager - Fabrice Pinto


Hi, my name is Fabrice, aka spectrum108, I’ve been a content creator 
since 2007.

As a motivated filmmaker/photographer I have worked with many brands with whom I produced TV ads, institutionals, music videos, fashion films, short films and fashion photoshoots, always creating images that endure in the mind of the viewer.


instagram @spectrum.108

xRonin FAQs

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token. An NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.

Hedera Mint FEB-MAR time frame. TBD


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